An Open Letter to Ellen Degeneres

January 16, 2019

An Open Letter to Ellen Degeneres

Dear Ellen,

My name is Bini the Bunny, I’m your biggest fan and I moved to America to meet you! I'm a 7 year old rabbit that has made big changes in the rabbit community.  I play basketball, paint, and style hair…

I know how much you like cats and dogs, but please let me give you 10 reasons why you want me, a bunny, on your show.  

  1. We’re destined to be together - My top autocomplete result on Youtube for some reason is Bini the Bunny on Ellen (foreshadow?)
  2. We both hold Guinness World Records- I broke the record for most slam dunks in a minute by a rabbit.
  3. I mention you all the time in my videos and I really want you to finally know it
  4. We’re both actors - I even starred in the rabbit version of Home Alone and I had so much fun.
  5. We’re both vegans. There’s nothing like delicious vegetables for dinner.
  6. You shared my videos on your awesome EllenTube a few times- so you already like me.
  7. We both like to prank people - they never see it coming.
  8. We also both like to make people happy. Especially kids.
  9. We both love Nemo. In fact, I can’t leave the house without him .

Number 10 - I proved to the world that rabbits are very intelligent, and people should respect them and give them more attention.

It’s not easy to be a rabbit in this world, but I’m here to make a change.

The comment I hear most is "I didn't know that rabbits were so smart" , or “I didn’t know that rabbits were so affectionate”.

Rabbits are the 3rd most abandoned pet in the US, simply because people don't know how to treat them and how smart they really are. With your voice and audience, I truly believe we can change this.

I’m not asking for a full on “rabbit week”, like you do for Cats, but please let me appear on your show.  I know that the things I achieved in my 6 years of life are pretty amazing for a little bunny, and I’m a rare breed, don’t you think?

Love you,

Bini the Bunny

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