Little Bunny Dreamer - Book by Bini the Bunny and Shai Lighter - Hardcover

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Bini the Bunny's Children's Book is an inspirational story based on Bini the Bunny. 

The book is perfect for both kids and adults and takes the reader through a magical journey about a bunny that wants nothing more than to learn how to paint, play basketball, play music, and style hair.  

  • The story is inspiring and magical - with an important message.
  • The rhymes are fun to read and will make you laugh.
  • The illustrations are outstanding as if they were taken out of a Disney movie.
  • The book is based on the real Bini the Bunny and his talent.
  • The book includes rabbit care tips - to educate parents and kids - very important.
  •  A bonus printed painting by Bini the Bunny is included in the book!!! To cut out and hang up on the wall. 

10x10 Glossy hardcover book is perfect for gifting or for yourself and includes colorful, vibrant, beautiful illustrations. 

Published 2021 in the USA

24 Pages  

ISBN: 9781736228401